Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CNC Wire Forming

CNC wire forming shapes metal wire into a desired configuration using mechanical cams, arms and wheels under computer control.

CNC wire forming allows to shape wire without expensive jigs and offers accurate repeatability and speed. Wire shapes achievable with CNC wire forming range from simple U shapes to springs to complex sculptures. Some shapes such as knots are impractical. Examples of parts made by CNC wire forming include coil springs, V springs, springs with unusual end formations, sculptures, wire mechanisms, etc. CNC wire forming can shape almost any type of metal wire. Custom tooling is generally not required in CNC wire forming.

Cost optimization options for CNC wire forming include reducing shape complexity and reducing total length and diameter of wire.

CNC Wire Forming Design Considerations

  • Consider that the straight wire is formed as it exits an orifice on a continuous basis, thereby imposing some restrictions on the possible shapes.
  • Consider the effect of spring-back and minor non-uniformity of the unformed metal in tolerancing the final shape.

Note: This process is not currently supported by the CAD software.

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