Friday, June 10, 2011

cnc milling G codes


G00 Rapid traverse motion; Used for non-cutting moves of the machine in positioning quick
to a location to be machined, or rapid away after program cuts have been performed.
Maximum rapid motion (I.P.M.) of a Haas machine will vary on machine model.
G01 Linear interpolation motion; Used for actual machining and metal removal.
Governed by a programmed feedrate in inches (or mm) per minute. Maximum feed
rate (I.P.M.) of a Haas machine will vary on machine model.
G02 Circular Interpolation, Clockwise
G03 Circular Interpolation, Counterclockwise
G28 Machine Home (Rapid traverse)
G40 Cutter Compensation CANCEL
G41 Cutter Compensation LEFT of the programmed path
G42 Cutter Compensation RIGHT of the programmed path
G43 Tool LENGTH Compensation +
G53 Machine Coordinate Positioning, Non-Modal
G54 Work Coordinate #1 (Part zero offset location)
G80 Canned Cycle Cancel
G81 Drill Canned Cycle
G82 Spot Drill Canned Cycle
G83 Peck Drill Canned Cycle
G84 Tapping Canned Cycle
G90 Absolute Programming Positioning
G91 Incremental Programming Positioning
G98 Canned Cycle Initial Point Return
G99 Canned Cycle Rapid (R) Plane Return

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