Saturday, June 11, 2011



M00 The M00 code is used for a Program Stop command on the machine.
It stops the spindle, turns off coolant and stops lookahead processing.
Pressing CYCLE START again will continue the program on the next
block of the program.
M01 The M01 code is used for an Optional Program Stop command.
Pressing the OPT STOP key on the control panel signasl the machine
to perform a stop command when the control reads an M01 command. It will
then perform like an M00.
M03 Starts the Spindle FORWARD. Must have a spindle speed defined.
M04 Starts the Spindle REVERSE. Must have a spindle speed defined.
M05 STOPS the Spindle
M08 Coolant ON command
M09 Coolant OFF command
M30 Program End and Reset to the beginning of program.
M97 Local Subroutine Call
M98 Subprogram Call
M99 Subprogram Return (M98) or Subroutine Return (M97), or a Program Loop.

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